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“The design and realization of the physical prototypes of some original didactic materials for teaching of writing-reading skills and mathematics in the firsts school years” – alternative didactic means destined to the children from the poor families with lack of communication, with the financial support of Interchurch Aid, Department of Romania (AIDROM) (1992/3)

Development and carrying out of auxiliary original educational materials

From the very beginning, our association used original educational materials (approved by the Ministry of Education), specially designed for children with communication problems, for improving their performances in writing and reading and in mathematics in the firsts school years.

Educational materials (design, prototype development and producing):

•  a multi-basic abacus , which explains how :

•  the numbers are built in,

•  operation are performed in binary system etc.

•  an arithmetic rule, with a double function:

•  to measure the size of a body

•  to perform the (+) and (-) operations using the sizes which we have found in the 1st stage

- an arithmetic house (to perform all the four arithmetical operations)

- a “domino” concerning the number parity

Auxiliary materials – according to the national curriculum to be used together with official handbooks (conception and editing):

•  Sheets and methodical guide (ABC and Mathematics for the first school year), Smart Printing House, Bucharest , 2001

•  Didactic riddles (7 booklets, among which only 3 booklets has been printed: ABC, Mathematics, Geography), Conphys Printing House, Rm.Valcea, 2001

•  About mathematics with Prof. Fatulescu (a guide for grammary school teachers and parents about teaching/learning mathematics in the first school years), Universitas Printing House, Bucharest , 2000


VOCA - Leonardo da Vinci Project
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1 Septembrie 2016 - A început Proiectul European: Asistent EU: Dezvoltarea unui curriculum VET pentru profilul asistentului personal pe baza Cadrului European al Calificărilor

Obiectivul principal al proiectului Asistent EU este de a contribui la dezvoltarea și punerea în aplicare a rolului profesional al asistentului (îngrijitorului) personal pentru persoane dependente; pentru realizarea acestui lucru este obligatoriu să se reglementeze atât rolul profesional cât și realizarea de cursuri educaționale în clasificarea națională a ocupațiilor (COR) cât și în cadrul european al calificărilor (CEC).  Proiectul își propune să înceapă să ofere module de învățare despre acest subiect, cu scopul de a face un prim pas pentru o reglementare eficientă a acestui profil profesional în țările europene în care nu este încă dezvoltat.